Consignment Terms


Thank you for choosing to work with Luxe Curator Handbags! We resale authentic luxe handbags and accessories via our social media channels @luxecuratorhandbagsllc, Luxe Curator private Facebook group, and of course our website.

Consignment Policy

Luxe Curator Handbags will provide a professional appraisal and/or current market value and condition of your handbags and accessories. As noted below, this process will take up to 7 business days to provide quote to the client via email.

We are currently accepting new and gently worn items from brands listed below.


  • Burberry
  • Chanel
  • Chloe
  • Christian Dior
  • Goyard
  • Gucci
  • Hermes
  • Louis Vuitton
  • YSL

Processing Time:

Once the item is received, please allow 5-7 business days for authentication of item(s) as well as time for item emailed appraisal, photographs, and listing process. 

Consignment Structure & Fees:

  • up to $599 50% to consignor / 50% LCH
    $600- $1399

    60% to consignor / 40% LCH

    $1400- $3,999

    70% to consignor/ 30% LCH


    80% to consignor/ 20% LCH

Condition & Authenticity of Products:

We have a very strict authenticity policy, and have a commitment to being anti-counterfeit.  Any item received at the showroom that is not authentic will receive a $75 charge for the return of item to the owner.

Items that are received that are in unsaleable condition (ie. heavy odor, severe stains, rips and/or tears) will be returned to at your expense, with a $75 charge.

Consignment Timeline Agreement:

Once the item is received, it will take 5-7 business days for item to be photographed and listed. Consignor agrees to have the item listed with Luxe Curator Handbags 60 business days, from the date the item is listed.

If the consignor wishes to cancel the consignor agreement before the 30 days, they will be issued a $75 cancellation fee, and will held accountable to pay for the shipment back to the owner.

 Items may be photographed, listed online, and/or recorded to help market the item.

Shipping Item(s) to Luxe Curator:

Shipping the item to us is at your expense, local pickup (Lexington, KY) is also optional. Please work with Alicia or Beth directly, to set up a pickup time.

We accept shipments from all major carriers, we highly recommend using insurance at your discretion. Any lost or stolen packages, Luxe Curator Handbags LLC will not be held accountable.

When shipping your item(s), please include this completed form so the rightful owner will receive credit. Also, please package item(s) accordingly. We highly recommend utilizing bubble wrap,to prevent any damages during transit.

We will email you within 2-3 business days to confirm that we have received your products.

Payout Agreement:

Payments are made to consignors on the 5th of every month for items sold in the previous month. All payments are submitted via PayPal based on information provided by seller. Consignor is responsible for their own setup with paypal.